Realizing the Full Power of 340B PHARMACY Benefits

How Can You Harness the FULL Power of 340B Pharmacy Benefits? 

PharMedQuest, an innovative provider of Medical and Pharmaceutical Management Services, has commissioned a White Paper from Sage Growth Partners; an independent market research company.


The 340B Drug Discount program is a widely used program that allows Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) to generate much needed revenue and/or savings to provide care to the uninsured and under-served and provide patients access to prescription drugs. Most FQHCs participate at varying levels in the 340B program, but some are realizing SIGNIFICANTLY more value than others. While 340B savings may seem high, how can an FQHC ensure it is optimizing the financial and patient care benefits of its program?

This white paper examines three dominant 340B models. FQHCs can assess which model is the best fit for their particular characteristics and needs. The choice of model will have significant financial, patient care, and operational implications. Making an ill-informed or sub optimal decision can have profound consequences.