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ARC™ shows where we are in providing high quality. Saves money. Reduces cost. They provide opportunities to improve care.
CMO of Client

ARC™ IS THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY’S FIRST full spectrum solution for managing high-cost medications covered under the medical and/or pharmacy benefits. ARC™ provides ACTIONABLE real-time data while remaining agnostic to conflicting interests of dispensing providers and manufacturers.

Peer-to-Peer Clinical Review

One of the things our clients like most is that ARC™ has real pharmacists and sub-specialists reviewing all your toughest medical benefit and specialty cases. Our expert panel allows you to know you’re making the best decision for your patients, and all savings and references are always documented.

Managing the Disease, Not the Drug

ARC™ ‘s holistic drug management approach overcomes traditional prior authorization limitations for better clinical and financial outcomes. Whether it is a single-drug or multi-drug treatment plan, our team uses a collaboration of evidence to evaluate the plan as a whole.

Introducing a Unique Type of Data

ARC™ bridges together clinical and financial data in real-time utilizing a metric that accurately determines true drug cost by disease state.

Custom Fit Integration

ARC™’s full-to-flexible integrated pharmacy and medical benefit management system has the capability to enhance any step along the process. It simplifies prior authorization workflow and reduces administrative burdens while achieving sustainable drug savings.

PharMedQuest’s next-generation specialty care management solution, ARC™ has proven its ability to manage the complexity of specialty care. Get started today and identify your savings opportunities.

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